5 Common Facial Cleansers Ingredients (Learn How to Identify Them)

by | Dec 25, 2020

Facial cleansing is very important in both the medical and skin care fields. The skin care topics that girls care about most are cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Facial cleansing is the first step in skin care routine, and it is also a crucial step.

After a day’s work, there are many kinds of dirty things on the face that harm the skin: the smog in the air, floating dust, sweat, and oil produced by the skin. If these dirts are not removed in time, they will clog pores, cause inflammation, and accelerate skin aging.

Moreover, if the face is not cleaned in time or cleaned incorrectly, it will be difficult to achieve its effects no matter how expensive you use the serum.

Oilyskinbeauty Face Washing

Facial creams, serums and, other skin care products have many functions, such as moisturizing, sunscreen, whitening, and anti-oxidant. But whether it is expensive cleansing products or cheap facial cleansers, most people simply pursue the following 3 points:

1. Clean the dirt away

This is the most basic function of a facial cleanser. If the facial cleansing is not thorough, you should change to a facial cleanser with a stronger cleaning ability. But now many facial cleansers have too strong cleansing power, which easily turns our healthy skin into sensitive skin.

2. Will it irritate the skin?

The structure of the stratum corneum: its surface is covered with a layer of sebum and its interior consists of a brick wall structure of keratinocytes, which are filled with intercellular lipids.

The outermost barrier of the skin is composed of sebum membrane, moisture in the stratum corneum, lipids between keratinocytes, ceramides, and natural moisturizing factors.

The function of the skin barrier is to prevent the loss of internal moisture and the invasion of external damage.

But the ingredients that make up the skin barrier can be washed away by the facial cleanser.

If you use facial cleansers with too strong cleansing power, they will leave with the dirt. The most intuitive performance is the dryness of the skin after washing the face, and in the long run, the skin will become increasingly unhealthy.

Oilyskinbeauty Skin damage

If the cleansing power is insufficient, the dirt will easily clog the pores, irritate the skin, dull, and cause acne.

Mild facial cleansers are now highly sought after because they are less irritating and have a balance between cleansing power and mildness, especially for sensitive skin.

3. Experience feeling (Foam, fragrance)

An elegant woman will always have higher pursuits. For example, when washing the face, the foam should be thick, the smell should be fresh, and other advanced experience.

Oilyskinbeauty Rich Foam

Summary: The principle of choosing a facial cleanser is to have a certain degree of mildness and moisturizing when the cleansing ability is sufficient.

As for whether the cleanliness and mildness of the facial cleanser are suitable for you, I am afraid you have to try it by yourself, or you can read other people’s reviews.

How Does Facial Cleanser Clean Dirt Quickly?

The main ingredient of facial cleanser that can remove dirt is surfactant.

There are many different types of surfactants, and the ingredients that play a cleansing role in facial cleanser, laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, and body washes are all surfactants.

Maybe you think this is a very professional word, but after a little understanding, you will know that this word is very interesting.

When we washed the dishes, we discovered that water and oil are incompatible. If you do not wash the dishes with dish soap, the grease on the dishes will be difficult to remove.

Surfactants can take away water and grease at the same time.

Oilyskinbeauty Water molecules and oil molecules

Assuming that water is a red ball and oil is a blue ball, they are immiscible with each other.

A surfactant contains both an oil-soluble component and a water-soluble component.

Oilyskinbeauty A lipid micelle

The dirt on our face, such as dust, can be dissolved in water, and it can be removed by washing it with water.

But oil is not soluble in water. If too much oil is produced on the face, it is difficult to remove all the oil on the face by washing the face with water.

Surfactant is equivalent to a chain, connecting water molecules and oil molecules so that the surface of water molecules and oil molecules become active. Water molecules and oil molecules can be linked together, the oil will leave the face with the water.

Oilyskinbeauty Water molecules and oil molecules are linked together

There are many types of surfactants. Facial cleansers are divided into the following types according to the types of surfactants used:

  • Amino Acid Facial Cleanser
  • Betaine Facial Cleanser
  • Glucoside facial cleanser
  • Soap-based facial cleanser
  • SLS / SLES

Amino Acid Facial Cleanser

The main cleansing ingredient of amino acid facial cleanser is amino acid surfactant.

Oilyskinbeauty Mild facial cleansing


The PH value of amino acid facial cleanser is mostly weakly acidic or neutral, which is close to the PH value of the skin. The PH of healthy skin should be between 4.5 and 6.5, which is weakly acidic. Only when the skin is within the normal pH range, can the skin be in the best state of absorbing nutrients. At this time, the skin’s ability to resist external damage is the strongest, and the skin’s elasticity, luster, and moisture are in the best state.

The biggest advantage of amino acid facial cleanser is that it is mild and non-irritating, and it is not easy to cause skin damage. It feels soft and smooth after face washing and is particularly skin-friendly.

Its cleansing power and richness of foam are moderate, especially suitable for sensitive skin.

When choosing an amino acid facial cleanser, pay attention to the amino acid surfactant that ranks first in the ingredient list.


If you wear heavy makeup, the amino acid facial cleanser cannot remove all the makeup on your face.

Oilyskinbeauty Amino acid surfactants

The ingredients of amino acid surfactants are mainly composed of the above formula, for example:

  • Sodium cocoyl glutamate
  • Disodium cocoyl glutamate
  • Sodium lauroyl glutamate
  • Tea-cocoyl glutamate
  • Potassium cocoyl glutamate
  • Sodium cocoyl glycinate
  • Potassium cocoyl glycinate
  • Sodium palmitoyl sarcosinate

Glucoside Facial Cleanser

The main cleansing ingredient of glucoside facial cleanser is glucoside surfactant, which is made from natural plants.


It has no toxin pollution to the environment and safety.

It has very low skin irritation and is very gentle. After washing the face, the skin is soft and smooth. It is generally used in cleaning products for sensitive skin or babies.


Its cleaning ability is weak, the foam is not rich, and the raw materials are more expensive.

Oilyskinbeauty Glucoside surfactants

The formula for the ingredients of glucoside surfactants is “XX + Glucoside”, such as decyl glucoside.

Betaine Facial Cleanser

The main cleansing ingredient of betaine facial cleanser is betaine surfactant.


Betaine surfactants have very low skin irritation, are milder than amino acid surfactants, and have very rich foam. They are especially suitable for dry skin or baby cleaning products. It is currently most commonly found in baby shampoos.

Usually, betaine surfactants are combined with surfactants with strong degreasing ability, which can reduce the irritation of other surfactants and increase the richness of foam.


Its cleaning ability is weak, and the skin is particularly smooth after washing, and it feels like a film is attached.

Oilyskinbeauty Betaine surfactants

The formula for the ingredients of glucoside surfactants is “XX + Betaine”, such as Lauramidopropyl betaine.

Soap Facial Cleanser


The soap facial cleanser has a strong cleansing ability and rich foam, which can remove all the dirt on the face, and it feels refreshing after washing.


The soap facial cleanser has too strong cleansing power, which causes the skin to become dry and sensitive. Long-term use may damage the health of the skin barrier.

Its PH value is alkaline, which is irritating to the skin.

But now many well-known brand facial cleansers are soap facial cleansers. They have improved and studied to reduce the irritation of soap facial cleansers to the skin.

Whether it is a soap facial cleanser or not, as long as you are not tight after washing your face, no tingling sensation, and the foam and cleansing power are satisfied, it is a facial cleanser for you.

Oilyskinbeauty Soap surfactants

Fatty acids and alkalis often appear in the ingredients of soap facial cleansers. For example, if a facial cleanser contains myristic acid and potassium hydroxide, it is a soap facial cleanser.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES) are often found in shampoos and shower gels, and occasionally in facial cleanser.


Strong cleaning ability, strong degreasing ability.


The oil removal ability is too strong, it is easy to damage the skin, and it is more irritating to the skin.

If there are inflammation and wounds on the face, SLS also aggravates the inflammatory response and wound deterioration.


1. Choose facial cleanser according to the skin condition

The skin condition changes dynamically. Face cleansing should be adjusted according to the skin condition and environment. For example, different facial cleansers can be used in winter and summer.

2. It is not advisable to use high-temperature water to wash your face

Water that is too hot will cause excessive expansion of blood vessels, dissolve the natural sebum film on the skin surface, and accelerate skin aging.

Just wash your face with warm water.

3. Do not wash your face too many times a day

Increasing the number of face washes will destroy the skin barrier and disrupt normal sebaceous gland secretion. Even if you have oily skin, do not wash your face more than 2 times a day.