Top 6 Types of Foods That Cause Acne

by | Aug 20, 2020

Acne is mainly caused by hormonal changes. Daily diet is an important cause of hormonal changes. This post discusses the hormonal acne diet.


Many people think that spicy food is prone to acne, but in fact, eating sugary foods is the most prone to acne. Studies have found that the food most prone to acne is sweets. Reliable dermatologists will not forget to advise you that if you want your skin to get better, you must stay away from sugar and eat fewer sweets. For example, various desserts, sweet drinks, biscuits, and sweet snacks sold in supermarkets.

Besides, sugar-stained bread and sugar-stained walnuts are sugary foods. Sugar also lurks in various healthy foods, such as soy milk with a lot of sugar, milk, and so on.

Sugar triggers the process of acne. Intake of sugar can cause androgens to rise, and the increase in androgens causes sebum production, and excessive sebum causes acne.

Another type of food is called high glycemic index food. The glycemic index (GI) refers to the value of human blood sugar increased within two hours after eating food containing 50 grams of carbohydrates.

Foods with a high GI value, like sugar, will rapidly raise blood sugar, and high blood sugar conditions will increase insulin and insulin growth factor-1(IGF-1), which increases the secretion of sebum, and also causes abnormal keratinocyte shedding, thus causing the occurrence and worsening of acne.

Foods with high GI values include white bread, rice, noodles, cakes, and other starchy foods. Especially white bread, even if it is not sweet, is a food with a very high GI value.

Table of glycemic index of different foods. It lists the GI table of different foods under the category of bread, cereals, staples, vegetables, fruits, snacks, desserts, legumes, etc. Acne sufferers can choose foods based on the GI values listed in this table.

For some people, milk may be one of the causes of acne, but this statement does not apply to everyone like sweets.

Milk contains many hormones that calves need to grow, these hormones may affect the body, especially IGF-1. Milk is rich in casein. When casein enters the stomach, it becomes curd under the action of stomach acid, protecting IGF-1 from being destroyed. IGF-1 is absorbed by the intestine and enters the blood circulation. IGF-1 will promote the secretion of sebum and the formation of micro-acne. In addition to IGF-1, insulin, and growth hormone in milk can also cause acne.

Drink less milk

IGF-1 is good for children and babies, but it is not necessary for adults.

For those who respond to milk, please try not to drink milk, whether it is full-fat milk or low-fat milk.

The yogurt fermentation process may destroy some of the IGF-1, so yogurt is safer for acne sufferers.

Many people eat dairy products to get protein and calcium. To avoid aggravating acne, protein can be obtained from other foods, such as soy milk, tofu, and eggs. Calcium supplements can be taken alone.

Besides, whey protein should also be eaten as little as possible. Whey protein is similar to milk, it can also increase insulin levels. Many people who are keen on fitness are prone to acne because they drink a lot of whey protein powder, and fitness will also increase androgens and secrete a lot of free radicals, which will have a bad effect on the skin.

But fitness can accelerate the blood circulation in our body and promote the metabolism of the body and skin, which is very beneficial to the skin. People with acne should exercise moderately, and eat fish, chicken, eggs to supplement protein.

High Omega-6 food

One of the causes of acne is inflammation in the skin. If the inflammatory response increases and the inflammatory factors in the body increase, the condition of the skin will deteriorate. The oil for daily cooking is high in Omega-6 fatty acids, especially corn oil and sunflower oil. In comparison, olive oil, tea seed oil, and linseed oil contain more omega-3 fatty acids, while the content of omega-6 is relatively low, which is conducive to reducing inflammation.

High AGES food

Although deep-fried, grilled, and smoked foods are delicious, actually eating these foods not only promotes the deterioration of acne but also leads to skin aging. Try to eat less fried and smoked food. Although they are really attractive, remember that everything comes at a price.

Don't eat barbecue food

Other food

Most chocolate is added a lot of sugar and milk, there is a high probability of acne.

Nuts and oilseeds. Many people like to eat melon seeds and nuts, but some omega-6 rich nuts and oilseeds can make acne worse. Studies of human dermatology, eating sunflower seeds significantly increased the severity of acne. Sunflower seeds are very high levels of omega-6 fatty acid food. There are also high levels of omega-6 in walnuts, pumpkins, peanuts, and cashews, and if the nuts are too dry, too much salt is added, and they are fried, they will also cause other adverse effects on the skin.

Eat less nuts

A small number of people can get acne when eating eggs and seafood. This may be due to chronic allergies, or it may be due to the high cholesterol content in these foods, and androgens are a steroid substance.

Not all foods described above can cause acne.

You can try the food exclusion method, that is, do not eat this food during this time, and observe whether the acne on the face improves or worsens. After a while, change another food to see if the skin condition has improved. This way we can easily find responsive food and then exclude it from your menu.

How Do We Eat?

Principle 1: Strict sugar control. Normal people add less than 50g of sugar per day. For people with acne, it is better to control it within 25g. This type of sugar includes white granulated sugar, rock sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar, honey, and syrup, etc. Biscuits, snacks, bread, sweet soups, jams, sweet drinks, juices, etc. should all be eliminated. If you want to eat, you can eat snacks with darkened skin, such as dried grapes. They contain more dietary fiber and antioxidant substances, which are good for reducing inflammation.

It is best not to eat chocolate. If you like it very much, choose chocolate that contains neither milk nor sugar. After eating chocolate for two days, if you find that chocolate can cause acne, you must also quit.

Don't eat chocolate with high sugar content. Eat sugar-free chocolate.

Principle 2: Lower the GI value of the meal. Choose a low-GI staple food, and replace white rice, noodles, and white bread with oats, buckwheat, red beans, black beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, etc.

You can also change the order of eating, eating vegetables first, then meat and eggs, and then staple food. This method is very useful. It can require fewer carbohydrates and more protein, minerals, and vitamins.

These low-GI foods contain a lot of dietary fiber, which also allows our body to eliminate sterols, which is helpful to reduce excessively high levels of androgens.

Principle 3: Eat less or do not eat fried or smoked food. For example, fried chicken, kebab, roast beef, etc.

Principle 4: Drink less milk and drink sugar-free soy milk. Soy milk makes up for the pain that acne muscles cannot drink milk. Soy milk contains soy isoflavones. Soy isoflavones are recognized as natural estrogen supplements. Too little estrogen is also a key factor in causing acne.

You can also drink more green tea. The polyphenols in green tea can inhibit the effect of androgens on the sebaceous glands. But if sleep quality is not good, please drink green tea during the day.

Green tea is being made in the teacup

Principle 5: A survey in Italy showed that people who seldom eat fish are more likely to suffer from acne than people who often eat fish. Fish are rich in Omega3 fatty acids and have the function of reducing inflammation. Eat more soy products, chicken, and beef.

Eat more fish, eggs, chicken and beef.

Principle 6: Eat more vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are also rich in antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation, which is beneficial to remove acne. In particular, you can eat more tomatoes and broccoli. Broccoli is a food rich in selenium. It has a relatively strong antioxidant effect, which can reduce skin inflammation and help skin repair.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Principle 7: Feed your stomach and stomach, and eat meals on time. Don’t ignore every meal, every meal must have staple food, vegetables, meat, don’t eat cold drinks and snacks with low nutritional value. If you take good care of your stomach, your skin will get better easily.

Common Diet Collocations

Oilyskinbeauty Diet match 1
Diet match. The main foods are shrimps, oiion, beef, lentils, avocado, omelette, perilla leaves.
Diet match. The main foods are shrimps, eggs, broccoli, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

Supplement Tips

Reasonably add trace elements, you can go to the pharmacy to buy some health products to supplement the trace elements needed by the body (note: take in moderation, take as needed)

Vitamin B: Promote the metabolism of saturated fatty acids and reduce sebum production.

Vitamin A: Reduce sebum production and prevent excessive keratinization of hair follicles.

Zinc: balance hormones, inhibit sebaceous gland activity.

Selenium: anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, prevents excessive keratinization of hair follicles, reduces sebum production, and suppresses inflammation.


You may think that the foods I love are all prone to acne, so what else can I eat?

In the past, your diet was immersed in an unhealthy diet, but this is why your skin is difficult to improve. You may think that it is normal for others to eat this way too, but you have different genetics and different constitutions from others. Since you have acne-prone skin, if it is difficult to let go of many of the acne-causing foods we mentioned earlier, if you refuse to change your eating habits, your acne will be difficult to eliminate. There is a price for everything. For beauty, you will soon adapt to the new menu.


Others eat the same food as me. Why doesn’t he suffer from acne, and I suffer from acne?

Things related to health cannot be compared with others, because each person’s physique is different, heredity is different, and you can only compare yourself with yourself. The incident of acne has a strong inheritance. In addition to the causes of some diseases, most people who are healthy but suffer from acne, one or both of their parents have also experienced acne. Since they have such a gene, they must strictly demand themselves.


I just like to eat refined staple food, what should I do?

It’s not that you don’t eat white rice at all. For example, you can eat oatmeal for breakfast, eat some vegetables for lunch and dinner, and then eat some fish, chicken, soy products, and finally eat rice.


What if I inevitably eat some sweets?

Sometimes it’s okay to eat some sweets, as long as your daily eating habits are good. First of all, eat only one kind of sweets a day, and the amount should not be too much, then eat some vegetables, soy milk, and so on. After eating sweets at the same time, eat less staple food and drink some tea as a balance.

Some people think that they can’t eat these favorite foods for a lifetime, and feel that life is better than death.

It’s not so pessimistic.

Because after a few years of insisting on a healthy diet, your physical health has improved. Many foods cannot be eaten before, it’s okay to eat them once in a while. Then your taste will change and you won’t like unhealthy foods so much.