3 Benefits Of Coenzyme Q10 For Skin: Anti-oxidation, Anti-aging, Whitening

by | Apr 6, 2021

There are many reasons for skin aging, including oxidation, photoaging, abnormal pigmentation, irregular life schedule, smoking, drinking, and other reasons. Anti-oxidant is a very important way to prevent skin aging.

As far as extrinsic causes are concerned, ultraviolet rays irradiate skin cells, which will induce the skin to produce free radicals, which will cause wrinkles, freckles, rough skin, and dull skin. Therefore, antioxidants are very important to the skin.

In terms of intrinsic causes, although the mitochondria of cells can produce energy, they also produce a lot of free radicals. If these free radicals cannot be eliminated in time, they will damage cell membranes, proteins, DNA, etc., leading to cell damage and even death, thereby accelerating aging.

Coenzyme Q10, the protagonist of this article, is an excellent antioxidant in the skin.

Oilyskinbeauty Coenzyme Q10 healthy heart

Coenzyme Q10, also called ubiquinone, is a fat-soluble vitamin. In 1957, scientists extracted Coenzyme Q10 from the heart of cattle.

As a natural nutrient, CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) is widely found in the heart, pancreas, liver, and kidneys, and is very important for maintaining the normal operation of various organs.

CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) is an important antioxidant, an important auxiliary component necessary to maintain the normal operation of mitochondria, and it is also extremely important for scavenging free radicals. Peter Mitchell won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1978 for his discovery of the relationship between Coenzyme Q10 and bioenergy metabolism.

Oilyskinbeauty Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell

For the skin, Coenzyme Q10 has many functions such as anti-oxidation, improving mitochondrial function, maintaining and repairing the epidermis, inhibiting melanin synthesis, promoting collagen synthesis, reducing collagen loss, and repairing skin damaged by ultraviolet rays. It is a very gentle, safe, effective, and versatile skin care ingredient.

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits For Skin

Antioxidant and improve mitochondrial function

The method for free radicals to attack cells is to take away electrons from cell atoms

Coenzyme Q10 can prevent free radicals from attacking skin cells. Free radicals are terrorists in the human body because free radicals are unstable. To make themselves a stable substance, they plunder the electrons of other substances in the body, causing other substances to be destroyed.

For example, if the skin’s electrons are robbed, they will oxidize into age pigments.

Mitochondria is a factory that continuously produces energy. It also continuously produces free radicals. Coenzyme Q10 is widely present in mitochondria and can eliminate free radicals in mitochondria.

Coenzyme Q10 can enhance the respiratory function of mitochondria and help cells continuously produce energy. It’s like young people are in good spirits, can stay up late, and work all day without feeling tired. And middle-aged people feel tired after working for a period of time.

This is because there are more Coenzyme Q10 in the body when young, and the body continues to produce more energy.

Oilyskinbeauty Coenzyme Q10 helps mitochondria produce energy


The fullness of the face depends on the number and vitality of fibroblasts in the dermis, the ability to secrete collagen, and matrix metalloproteinases.

Oilyskinbeauty Comparison of skin structure between young skin and aging skin

Improve the dermis: Coenzyme Q10 can enhance the viability of fibroblasts, promote the synthesis of elastic fibers and type IV collagen so that the face is firm and plumped, and wrinkles are reduced.

Repair and maintain the epidermis: Coenzyme Q10 can increase the number and thickness of epidermal cells and promote the synthesis of filaggrin in the epidermis. That is, Coenzyme Q10 helps repair and maintain the skin barrier.

Prevent the loss of collagen: After ultraviolet rays are irradiated to the skin, the skin will produce matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), which will degrade facial collagen. Coenzyme Q10 can reduce the production of MMP and protect facial protein fibers from degradation.

Use anti-inflammatory skin care products on the inflamed skin. When the skin absorbs the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the skin care products, the inflammation disappears.

Anti-inflammatory: After ultraviolet rays irradiate the skin, the skin will also produce a variety of inflammatory factors, causing the skin to be damaged by inflammation. Coenzyme Q10 can inhibit these inflammatory reactions, thereby protecting skin cells. CoQ10 is used together with carotenoids to inhibit inflammation better.

Coenzyme Q10 can not only reduce extrinsic aging but also inhibit intrinsic aging.

Skin lightening

Let’s get familiar with the production steps of melanin:

Tyrosine is converted into melanin under the catalysis of tyrosinase and oxygen free radicals.

The skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time. To resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin, the skin is prepared to produce melanin to protect against ultraviolet rays.

Tyrosine in melanocytes synthesizes melanin under the co-catalysis of tyrosinase and free radicals.

The skin contains melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH). The main function of MSH is to activate tyrosinase and promote the synthesis of tyrosinase, thereby promoting the synthesis of melanin and darkening the color of the skin.

Melanocytes activate tyrosinase under the stimulation of MSH

Coenzyme Q10 can eliminate free radicals and inhibit the production of MSH, thereby inhibiting the synthesis of tyrosinase and reducing the production of melanin.

Benefits Of Oral Coenzyme Q10 For Skin

In addition to using skin care products containing Coenzyme Q10, oral coenzyme Q10 also has many health benefits.

It is often used for the prevention and treatment of heart diseases, protects the brain and nerve cells, boosts energy, stimulates vitality, prevents and treats Alzheimer’s, and helps patients with hypertension lower blood pressure, improve gum health, and improve the immune system.

However, oral coenzyme Q10 can also significantly eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, improve the smoothness and fineness of the skin, reduce the signs of aging on the face, and make you look younger and more energetic.


Coenzyme Q10 is an irreplaceable anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredient. It has a variety of functions, including anti-oxidation, increases cell energy, prevents UV damage, prevents photoaging, increases collagen and elastin synthesis, reduces collagen loss, inhibits melanin synthesis, anti-inflammatory, etc.