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What Oilyskinbeauty is all about?

If you ever worry:

  • “Why do I keep getting acne on my face?”
  • “Why I’m using so many skincare products and nothing is working?”

You’re in the right place. Oilyskinbeauty is where beauty-loving girls looking for skincare advice.

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About Webmaster

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Hey, I’m Lawliet Luo.

I set up Oilyskinbeauty with the intention of helping people improve their skin. I had suffered from acne for seven years, along with sunken and depressed scars, and my skin was in a terrible state.

When I was young, I thought it did not matter, later wanted to reshape a good skin, the Internet search for how to get rid of acne, how to remove scars, how to whitening and so on.

But there was so much mixed information online that I used skin care products recommended by the media that didn’t help and wasted my money, and I was still getting acne.

Then I chose to go to the hospital and treated my acne under the guidance of a doctor, which took about eight months.

After my acne treatment, I stopped blindly believing the information on the internet and started researching papers on how to improve my skin. Using the right skin care products to make my skin shine again.

Remember: If you have moderate acne or severe acne, please go to the hospital immediately for help from a dermatologist.

About Skin Care

I used to think skin care is a metaphysics, but after a long time of study, I realized that skin care is a science, a science that combines parts of modern medicine, biology, and chemistry.

Since it is a science, it follows the causal laws of the objective world, and can be managed and controlled, using knowledge to predict and control changes, and ultimately achieve our expected goals.

With the popularization of skin care knowledge, people begin to treat skin care more and more rationally, and fewer and fewer people will be fooled by the skin care product list on the Internet.

But even if an expert introduces you to the product, the information you get is likely to be fragmented. If you don’t have the ability to sort out knowledge, it will be difficult for you to properly skin care.

Q Why are you this skin care process?

A I dont know. Everyone is Cleansing–Hydrating–Essence–Lotion–Cream, I also Cleansing–Hydrating–Essence–Lotion–Cream.

I want to convey a crucial concept: You want to be beautiful, not only to have the knowledge to be beautiful, but also to know how to use this knowledge and the ability to scientifically export it.

In my skin care knowledge system, a complete skin care logic chain should have these 5 parts. Each part is the foundation and premise of the next part, as well as an extension of the previous part.

Skin care regimen selection process

Detection and analysis of skin and environment

1. Gene

2. Environment

3. Lifestyle

4. Skin type

5. Skin structure and basic knowledge of skin

6. Age

After analyzing the skin and environment, can you determine what problems you face and want to solve? What do you want to achieve?

Use this to determine your skin care needs and develop a skin care plan.


1. Ingredients of skin care products (core)

2. Formula and technology of skin care products

3. The combination of skin care products and the interaction between different ingredients.

4. Effect inspection and product adjustment

5. Skin condition changes and product adjustments

6. Environmental changes and product adjustments

Excessive oil production solution framework
Sensitive skin solution framework
Dry skin solution framework

During the execution of the skin care plan, constantly adjust your plan based on the effect feedback.

Including the choice of the product, the dosage, frequency, method, and even the order of the product, all these will change the effect.

At the same time, it can be seen from the first part that you must always monitor your skin status and environmental status, and adjust according to changes.


Please email me at oilyskinbeauty@gmail.com. If you have any questions, tips, suggestions, guest post ideas, requests, and so on. All are appreciated.